Could It Be? Move Green AND Save Money

geami-rollI’ve always been impressed by people who are more action than talk when it comes to moving environmentally — during the stress of moving, it can be easy to just take the easy way out and forego your green ethos.

That’s why I was so taken with some of the cool new environmental moving products out there, particularly those from Earth Friendly Moving, which is based in California (where else, eh?).

This company has gone beyond the reusable packing crates and found alternative products for just about anything you might need on your move. Most impressive of all, it says the products are cheaper than their non-green counterparts — which is key in an economy where price might trump environment.

Two of the cooler products:

When it drops off its reusable packing crates, Earth Friendly will create  a bubble-wrap alternative called Geami Paper that it presses from something called ‘cardboard sludge ‘ — which it does right on the moving truck into rolls of 100 to 200 feet. It claims the material is more protective than bubble wrap — and cheaper.

When you’re done with it, re-use it throughout the year, or Earth Friendly will take it off your hands and recycle it for another customer.

The other cool product is ‘Recocubes,’ which are a replacement for syrofoam peanuts. They’re made from newspaper sludge — only 40% of recycled newsprint is usable; this product uses the other 60%. Just as the name suggests, it’s pressed into a sturdy, card-board-like cube that will cushion your belongings.

When you’re done with moving, you can just toss the relocubes into the garden, water them, and voila! Compost for those new plants at your new place.

The video segment below shows the owner eating one, which I don’t know if I’d recommend in a daily diet, but hey, to each their own. Check it out for other cool product ideas for your move, and ask your own moving companies about ways to make an environmental move.

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