Holiday Decorating with Kids

Everyone loves the holidays, especially the little ones! Why not get them involved in getting your home ready for the holidays? Having kids help you is a great idea, for many reasons. First, they feel included in the holiday preparations. It’s also a great way to teach them some good values and it’s also a fun family activity to do. So, if you want to get decorating with the kids, here are some good tips to get you started.

Plan It Out

Getting organized will ensure that you can get everything you done in time. You should also get your kids involved in your decorating plan. You can solicit ideas from the kids and try to pick and choose from good ones. Why not ask the kids to make drawings to show what they’d like to do? Then you can choose which ones you can do and have them create a “final” plan for your holiday décor.

If your kids are old enough, you can make your own decorations. There’s something for every age, as long as you tailor the activity to the kid, you’re sure to have fun.

For very young kids, you may want something a little simple. Filling a bowl or bowls with items can be easy. Take them out for a walk and find some branches, twigs and pinecones and once you’ve cleaned these items, they can help tie ribbons and arrange them on bowls to make beautiful holiday centerpieces.

Speaking of ribbons, you can make bows with your kids or purchase pre-made ones and use those to decorate. Encourage your kids to decorate the house with bows, such as banisters, candles, doorknobs or even the Christmas tree.

There are many activities that kids of all ages can join in on. For example, why not encourage them to make their own Christmas Village? Pick a tabletop or surface to build on. Use a green cloth or base and use some white cotton to represent snow. Then you can have your kids start arranging buildings, streets, cars, carts, etc. around your Christmas Village (you can buy pre-made ones of make your own if you’re inclined.)

Finally, for that all-important Christmas tree, get your kids bundled up and take them with you when you pick your Christmas tree. You can make a day of it, and pack up some hot cider or chocolate and some snacks while you’re looking for the perfect tree (make sure you have some Christmas songs in the car.) When you get the right tree and set it up, your kids can help decorate. You can ask them to string popcorn or beads to put around the tree.

There are many more things you can do with your kids to do some holiday decorating with your kids, so just be creative!

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