Moving an Apartment: How to Pack


So you got a new apartment? Now what?

Whether you are moving from an apartment to another or from your old house to an apartment elsewhere, knowing how to pack your belongings right make perfect sense. On this article, we’re going to talk about the easiest and quickest way to pack. Read? Let’s go!

Getting Started

Most people would start by picking any item they see and stuffing it in the box. This is the hardest and most stressful way to pack. Being organized is the key to a smooth packing activity. So first of all – before touching anything, you need to plan on how you’re going to do the packing. For instance, you need to know where you’re going to start. Will you pack the room first? How about the kitchen? Should you begin in the living room? Wherever you start, make sure to finish packing that area before you proceed to the next. This will prevent forgetting things and going back and forth.

Preparing the Materials

As much as possible, you don’t want any item to get damaged during the move. So, you have to be equipped with the right materials. Bubble wraps, pads, clothes (fabrics), and foams are ideal for delicate furniture and appliances. You will also need packing tapes, boxes, bags, and other containers. For small items like jewelries, secure them in a plastic container or a sturdy box. To cut the cost, you can make use of towels, blankets, and bed sheets instead of buying furniture pads or foam.

Prioritizing Things

Some people would start with the biggest items like furniture and appliances while others would begin with the smallest. Which one is right? Well, nothing’s wrong with these two methods actually. But here’s the best thing to do – start packing items that are least used. They can be relocated at the earliest time possible without affecting your daily routine. So you may want to begin packing display items like painting, racks, etc.

Preparing the Survival Box

Make your move as convenient as possible by securing a survival box which contains essential items like a few utensils, medicines, food, water, clothes, towel, and toiletries. You’ll need them during the first few days after your relocation. Once you reached your new apartment, you don’t want to rummage one box after the other just to get the things you need.

Starting Early

The things mentioned above are best done in the earliest time possible. Packing takes time and a lot of effort. If you’ll just do it in one day, you’re sure to lose your energy. So take it slowly but surely. To avoid cramming, make sure to set a start date and a finish date which is ideally set one week before the actual date of move unless you have a very few items.

Seek Help

Whether you’re considering hiring a moving company or you’re just moving alone, it pays to ask some help. Packing becomes a fun and exciting activity when there are people around to assist you and make you smile in times when you seem so, so tired.

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