Decorating with Fall Colors

For many people, the colors of fall are some of the most gorgeous shades and palettes today. The earth tones of browns and oranges bring memories of that slight chill in the ear, leaves turning, pumpkin pies and apple cider. It’s no wonder many people love designing and decorating around these shades. If you want to bring an autumn wonderland feel to your home, designing with fall colors is a great idea. In order to use these colors effectively, check out this tips and tricks for decorating with autumn palettes.

Splash Colors Sparingly

Earth tones can be quite strong, and so it’s easy to overdue the fall colors. To prevent your room from looking like the inside of a pumpkin, use the strong colors sparingly. Use muted colors for major areas, like walls or your couch. Then use oranges, dark reds and browns to add a splash or colors here and there, like pillows, throws or panels.

Use Different Tones

Using a single color can be difficult, as it might overpower a room. However, if you layer different tones of the same color can make a difference, plus adding texture and pattern can break up the colors and bring variety to a single-color room.

Contrast colors

Fall colors are rust, oranges, browns, etc., but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with just these colors. Contrasting these tones with a bright yellow and even a nice bright green will add some color into your room without clashing, and really make it pop out. For example, if your living room is all dressed in earth tones, why not add a yellow couch, or perhaps green pillows? This will add some brightness to the room.

Use textures and patterns

Aside from color, you can use the textures and patterns of fall to decorate. Wallpapers or duvet covers with leaves can bring fall into your room. A brown leather ottoman can add some richness to your living area. Flowers and fruits can be used as well. You can bring in some earth-toned flowers and leaves (like sunflowers, ginko and bittersweet branches), apples, pumpkins and use them creatively to decorate your space. Adding a plush throw will remind you of curling up by the fire and drinking apple cider on a cold autumn evening. Houndstooth and plaid are both very fall-inspired patterns, so see if you can bring this into the room by replacing your pillow covers or with a nice warm throw.

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