Choosing your child's bed

There are many factors to consider when choosing a bed for your child. Among the main things to consider are the safety, functionality, and design. But aside from these considerations, parents should find out what sort of bed their child would like.


Once babies become toddlers, they are ready to leave the crib and move to their new bed. At this stage, safety is the parents’ top priority, especially because their child is still young. Toddlers are not yet ready for an adult’s bed. Beds specifically designed for three or four year olds are called starter beds. These beds are usually lower than the normal adult bed, and come with adjustable or removable side rails. Parents should check the quality of workmanship to make sure the bed is sturdy. A badly built bed is of course not safe for your child. The mattress should also match with the bed design so it is always best to buy the bed and mattress as a set.


Starter bed models, because they are for toddlers, are a lot shorter than your average bed (around 4.5 feet long). If budget is not a concern these specialized beds, which usually come in whimsical designs, are ideal. However, for more practical parents looking for furniture that can be used for many years ahead, a good option would be extendable models. These starter beds are designed in such a way that you can add an extra section and extend the bed (as well as replace or add to the mattress) as your child grows up. These starter beds are also usually the types whose side safety rails are detachable.

For parents with more than one child, they might consider trundle beds which are space saving and practical. Or, when the children are much older, a double bed is always an exciting proposition for active kids who look forward to climbing up and down the ladder.


Design is a big factor if you want to give your child a memorable sleeping experience. For parents who are keen to decorate their child’s bedroom design is important. The bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom, and so is central to the décor. In the past ensuring that the bed was in theme with the interior design meant you bought matching sheets. These days the bed itself is in theme, and there are dozens of fun ‘theme beds’ to choose from with designs ranging from sports and cartoon characters, to fanciful princess-type models with which to pamper your daughter. These them beds need additional examination, though, as sometimes safety, functionality and quality may be compromised.

But even with these considerations in mind, parents should also let their child choose his or her bed. One way parents can encourage the child to help make the choice is to take the child to the store so they can take a look at what’s available. It is also ideal to let the child try out the mattress. A comfortable mattress, aside from a sturdy bed, makes for your child’s good night’s sleep.

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