How to Have a Successful Housewarming Party

Consider Having a Housewarming Party to Make Friends in Your Neighborhood.

After moving into your new house, a housewarming party is the best way to show it off and make some new friends. The secret of a successful housewarming party is perfect planning. Here are few tips to help you execute a successful housewarming party after you move.

•    Decide on a budget: This is one the first steps in planning the event and will influence all your decisions. Remember, you probably just spent a lot of money on moving and your new home or rental so consider having a small get-together or a pot luck where guests have to bring their favorite dish.

•    Your own kind of party: This is your party and you can choose whatever you want. However, if you are planning on a theme or a costume party, make sure your guests are informed well in advance.

•    Create checklists: Make checklists for everything and anything that has to be done. Make sure you follow it and keep track of your to do list.

•    Decide other activities, if any: If you wish to have something like games and activities on your cards, make sure you plan then well in advance.

•    Decide on a menu: Your menu will help you create an impression. Make sure you choose combinations that suit your budget and the weather.

•    Create a detailed guest list: Call your close friends, as well as your new neighbors. Make sure you don’t miss out on anyone. Send them invites well in advance and track your RSPVs regularly.

•    Make a shopping inventory: Make sure you make a list of all that you need to organize a housewarming. List down beverages, decorations, cutlery, return gifts, etc.

•    Revise your checklist: Once you have made your checklist, feel free to revise it and keep adding things when you remember.

•    Keep your house clean: During your housewarming party,  guests will want to take a tour of your house. Make sure that it is clean and that all moving boxes are unpacked or put away.

•    Prepare for the day: Take  care of little details: You should know what you will wear for party and at the same time also stock enough beverages and ice for the party.

•   Last-minute things: Make sure you have enough CDs or that your iPod is stocked up and ready to go. Even if you don’t have these, make sure there is some backup for music and entertainment.

•    Introduce everyone: Make sure you introduce everyone at your party. As you are learning names, be sure to allow your guest to connect with each other.

•    Be a good host: Make sure you provide everyone with sufficient amounts of beverages and other foodstuffs. There must be enough water for everyone when they are eating.

•    Be cordial: Make sure all your guests feel at home. Take them around your home and make them familiar with all the special details that are included in your pad.

•    Photos and videos: Capture plenty of photos and videos of your housewarming. It will prove to be an excellent memory of your first days in your new town.

•   Give a vote of thanks: Let your guests know that you appreciate their presence. You may also return their presents with small thank-you notes.

These are only few tips which will help you in planning a perfect housewarming party. Make your guests feel at home and let them enjoy your housewarming party.

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