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Check out our guide to visiting NYC for under 100 bucks!

By Joann Pan
Special to

Students, vacationers and New York natives, you will soon realize that there is so much to do in NYC. would like to offer a guide of things to do to get acquainted making for a grand finish to your moving to New York. New York City is so much more than dirty water hot dogs and shopping, here’s our version of the perfect NY day.


Like any New Yorker would start off the day, you need to get a great cup of coffee to get that extra pep in your step and energy for the long day ahead of you. The kids can get some delicious hot chocolate or some juice. We greatly recommend FIKA Expresso Bars with two convenient locations in the city Midtown at 41 West 58th St between Avenue Of The Americas & Grand Army Plaza [take the N or R to Fifth Avenue and 60th Street] or in the Financial District [take 2 or 3 to Wall Street for sights of the hustle and bustle outside of New York Stock Exchange]. FIKA coffees, iced coffees and lattes surpass any of the coffee we have had around NYC and other coffee hotspots in the world.

We would recommend starting in the Financial District and working your way uptown to the other sights we have planned. After finishing up your FIKA-perfect cup of caffeine and pastries (do take some chocolate balls for the road for the kids), you can walk up towards the New York Stock Exchange for a photo opportunity. Ladies: note the huge Hermes, Tiffany & Co. and Thomas Pink stores alongside Broad Street and Wall Street for a later date.

Head towards the Fulton Street and the South Street Seaport for our first point on our New York City tour. If you love biology or science, we would recommend going through the Bodies Exhibit at 11 Fulton Street between South Street and Front Street. I remember going to this exhibit with my younger sister and mother and we couldn’t get enough of [real] bodies. My sister and I loved seeing what bones, arteries, veins, intestines, organs and muscles looked like in various poses whether it was bending down or taking a jump shot. There are even sections where you can see what effects diseases physically have on your body. You will never know your body better than today. If you think you or one of your friends will get squeamish about the displays made from real bodies, you might want to take an alternate route and head toward the South Street Seaport and examine the boats docked there. Read: Another cool photo opportunity.

Fika Latte – $3.75
Chocolate Balls – $2
Adult Tickets to the Bodies Exhibit – Around $33, differs with service fees and weekday/weekend charges.


After your family gets enough of the southern tip of Manhattan, it’s time to move up. Climb abroad the NYC subway… you want to transfer at Union Square, so climb abroad any train from Fulton Street to 14st Street-Union Square so you can ultimately ride the L “8th Avenue” train to 14th Street and 8th Avenue. Once you walk out of the subway station, you’ll find yourself in the Chelsea/Meatpacking District of Manhattan. What you’ll be looking for is The High Line—a park in the sky—a brilliant piece of art installed about two years ago, saved from demolition plans by the city. It’s free and if you come during the summer, you’ll find the Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck parked right near the entrance to the public park making the experience all the more better. No doubt—it will be the BEST ice cream you have ever had—yeah, we’re talking about surpassing eating fresh Honey ice cream in Rome. We love Van Leeuwan’s pistachio, cinnamon and ginger. Walking up The High Line entrance towards 12st street and Ninth Avenue, you’ll find more New Yorkers than tourists here because New Yorkers love keeping the goods to themselves. And there’s nothing like it in the city. The structure was converted from an old railway and changes every season with new flowers and plants. Your teens will love the views, apartments built right on top of the railway, New Jersey’s skyline and that fact that it only takes about 20 minutes to walk through end to end. Plus, Meatpacking District is full of cool boutiques if you need a break from NYC. Diane Von Furstenberg, Stella McCartney, Jeffrey New York, Alexander McQueen and Carlos Miele stores are all a couple doors down from one another.

Ice Cream – Around $4

Next up—lunch!

Lunch will be at this not-so-secret burger joint that doesn’t really have a name, but everyone who knows about it calls it “Burger Joint.” It’s in Midtown West in the Le Parker Meridian Hotel behind a curtain—so it’s still a secret. Usually there’s a small line, but we promise the burgers and milkshakes are worth the wait. You can walk in on the 118 West side of the hotel on 57th Street passed the little café in the hallway until you see a glowing sign in the shape of a burger. While eating be sure to try to decipher all the writing on the wall—mostly signatures by famous people. Be warned, the place is tiny, but we’ve never had too much trouble finding a seat. We recommend getting the burger with everything on it and their world-class fries!

Lunch – $7 for burger


You’ll be right near the West side of Central Park if you come out of the 57th street exit and walk towards 59th street. From here you can explore Central Park and walk towards the 72nd street Central Park Boathouse. Your teens will love the opportunity to get into a boat and row away from the city. Take turns rowing and napping if you need! The lake is very scenic. Row to the different areas of the lake and the small stone bridge made famous in the movies and TV shows.

We would recommend taking it easy at night with dinner at the Central Park Boathouse restaurant or with a show. We love Fuerzabruta, which can be found off Broadway on 101 East 15th Street. The show is intense and heart pounding because it takes place mid-air. If you like Cirque Du Soleil or any kinds of interactive show this one is for you! Warning: you might get wet. It’s a good time, we promise.

By the end of the day, you’ll have experienced’s version of the perfect day in New York City. Enjoy!

Central Park Boat Rental –  $12 first hour, $3 each additional 15 minutes. $30 cash deposit required per boat.

Total of day activities – Around $66

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