Moving During the Summer: How to Beat the Heat

Beat the heat when moving over the summer with our simple tips!

By Maria Paulia Belgado
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Moving during the summer is not something that many people look forward to.  However, Americans find summers the best time to make a move. It does not matter if you are moving to a nearby location or relocating to a new state – perfect packing is what you need to prevent any kind of property damage. It may seem tempting to pack up all your belongings at the last minute. If you are or have to make a move in summer months, you cannot pack all your stuff in a beach bag and walk away. To make your move better you must begin with better planning. In reality, shipping items via modern freeways require you to pack your belongings with utmost expertise. Here are some summer moving tips for a damage-free and successful move.

Tips for Packing:
Make sure that the bottoms of all boxes are tightly closed. Make sure to label your boxes and create a list of the contents for each box. Fill up all empty spaces in those boxes with fillers to avoid bouncing. Clearly mark boxes that contain fragile objects. Make sure that the ‘FRAGILE’ marked boxes are placed on top of everything. Pad sharp corners to avoid punctures or scratches. Do not send valuables, plants, pets, and basic necessities in a movers’ truck.

All pieces of furniture should be padded with blankets or bubble wrap® and secured tightly. Detach legs of your furniture and pack them in padded materials. Make sure you don’t miss out on screws and bolts. You may even apply a fine coat of wax on your wood furnishings to save them from scratches.

Huge sofas should be placed upright and in the end to reduce space consumption. You can wrap up cushions and place them as packaging between items. Your dressers can be moved with full drawers to evade repacking. However, you must secure drawers to prevent them from opening up.

While moving stereos, computers or TVs make sure you follow company’s instructions and use original boxes. Wrap all pieces in foam or bubble wraps. Make sure wrap up all cords and cables separately but securely. CDs, DVDs and tapes should be protected from direct heat.

Household Appliances.
Refrigerators and freezers must be defrosted and cleaned days before you move. The spaces inside these appliances can be used to store light and fragile objects. All their cords and wires must be removed and placed inside them.

All glass items must be wrapped and packed individually strong boxes. You may also purchase “dish packs” to pack your dinnerware. Use soft cloth and silver paper to pack silverware.

Lampshades/Wall Hangings.
Use towels, bubble or foam wraps to pack lamps and wall hangings. Place them in cartons which are reinforced and sturdy. Make sure bulbs are removed from your lamps when they are transported.

Summer generally isn’t the best time to move – it’s hot, uncomfortable to travel and usually more expensive. But if you must move during the summer, keep these tips in mind to beat the summer heat and moving headaches.

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