What You Need to Know About Moving-Day Boxes

moving_boxesTo save money on their relocation, many people are doing their own packing.

However, this can be a source of confusion and problems with moving companies when it comes to moving day — and it could cost you.

Moving companies want to be able to move things as quickly as possible out of your house and get it on the moving truck. Once on the truck, they need to be able to load thSAe truck like they’re putting together a puzzle so your items fit snugly.

The easiest way to do this is by using uniform, sturdy moving boxes.

Not only does this make the move go more smoothly and efficiently, it also cuts down on the risk of damage to your items, because a box is just a more stable way of moving things with less risk of dropping it.

So if it can go in a box, put it in a box.

If it’s not in a box, the movers will box it for you on moving day – and charge you for it, creating a sometimes hefty extra charge you hadn’t planned for.

We’ve created a list of items that customers often incorrectly leave unboxed. It’s generally anything that cannot be stacked evenly when loading the truck — for example, a statue that cannot be square with the stacked boxes.

* Clothes: Many people will put these in trash bags. They need to go in boxes. Trash bags easily rip and create a mess and they don’t stack neatly in the moving van.

* Stools and furniture small enough to fit into a box

* Lamps and shades

* Throw pillows and bedding

* Small rugs

* Fireplace equipment

* Tools

* Pictures and paintings

* Curtains and window treatments

* Children’s toys

* Vases and planters

Also, don’t try to pack items in small boxes. Some customers will pack things in shoe boxes, or they’ll pack collectibles like figurines into their original packaging.

It’s fine to do that, but those small boxes are a hassle for your mover to carry, they’re easy to drop, and they can’t be stacked neatly on the moving van. So consolidate them into a larger moving box.

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