Keeping Your Home Clean with Pets


Pets are great source of happiness and enjoyment. Even if they don’t talk the way we do, they are able to express their love in the most special ways they can. But sometimes, pets can make your head ache especially if they seem to make your house dirty all the time. It can be their poop that stained in your carpet, the mud that marked on your sofa, or the animal hair that triggered your asthma.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep your home clean even if you have lots of pets at home.

  • Keep the vacuum close by.

Animal hairs splattered around are a common problem of many pet owners. If you have furry friends at home like dogs and cats, they will shed a lot of hair most especially when they’re playing or cuddling. If you have kids who have asthma or allergies, this can be a disaster. Sweeping the hairs will not be helpful. Instead of taking them away, you might just scatter them even more. The best solution is to use a vacuum! There are pet vacs available in the market today which are specifically designed for animals. You can also keep your regular home vacuum within your reach so anytime you see those hairs messing around; you can easily sweep them away.

  • Keep your home well ventilated.

If your pet’s litter box is inside the house, it’s most likely to produce unwanted smell even if there’s enough sand. You just can’t help it. Its animal poop – what do you expect? The best thing to do is situate the litter box in the dirty kitchen or somewhere which is near to a window or door. You also want to keep the entire house ventilated so the air can just go in and out, replacing the bad air inside.

  • Clean your pet’s paws.

Dirty paws can stain your expensive carpet and your beautiful couch. So always see to it that the paws of your pet are clean the moment they enter your house. If your pet has gone outside, it’s very much possible that there’s dirt and soil stuck in its paws.

  • Keep them well-groomed

A dirty pet brings dirt to any home. Well, you can’t just jail your pet inside the house. They need to go out and play too. What you can do is to maintain their cleanliness. Give them a bath regularly. Bring them to a pet parlor and have those fur trimmed and teeth brushed. You should have a complete ‘hygiene kit’ for your pet which includes its shampoo, powder, medications, etc.

  • Disinfect your home regularly

When your pet played outside, it’s most likely to come home with bad microorganisms and parasites attached on its fur. After cleaning your pet, you must also disinfect the house. Make a water-and-soap solution for the windows and floor or if you want, you can buy a disinfectant product from a local grocery store.

See? Who says a home with pets is always dirty? It’s not. It won’t. If you know how to clean it right, you can maintain a clutter-free home while keeping as many pets as you want!

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